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Start saving every time you travel

Travel fees add up, but they don’t need to! Let Feecation free you from travel fees,
so you focus on making memories

Take the bumpiness out of your ride

Getting charged for checked bags and even blankets and pillows?
You'll enjoy flying again when you get up to $10 back on each fee

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Your vacation just got upgraded

From trips to the next state to exotic getaways,
traveling is better knowing you’ll receive up to $1,250 cash back on travel fees

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Sleep soundly knowing you’re covered

Who doesn’t like to sleep in on vacation?
If you need to check out late, we’ll help out with your fee, so save the alarm clock for home

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  • Air Fees


    Air Fees

    Check bags, bring overweight luggage and get a seat upgrade. You'll get $10 back on each of these fees plus many more.

  • Hotel Fees


    Hotel Fees

    Check in early and check out late… Feecation will help out with these fees and more!

  • Car Fees


    Car Fees

    Thanks to Feecation, you can load up your rental with GPS, car seats and even a ski rack. We’ll help with the extra cost!

  • Wi-Fi Fees


    Wi-Fi Fees

    Whether it's at the airport, in the air or at the hotel, we'll take care of Wi-Fi fees.

parking finder

Parking Finder

Find parking, check vacancies and get rates for parking spots near your airport or departure/arrival city.

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Mobile App

Take Feecation everywhere you travel. Download our mobile app and start saving today!

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See all that Feecation has to offer! Join today and stop paying the full price for travel fees on hotels, airfare, rental cars and much more!